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IN THIS ISSUE                                                            AUGUST 15, 2006

  • A Must Read Book on Menopause...
    Even if Your Not There Yet

  • Functional Fitness... It's Good for Your Kids Too

  • Looking for Volunteers for Our Osteoporosis Support Group
    Fundraiser... October 14th Food and Fitness Fun Festival

  • The Recipe Corner ... Some No-Cook Cool Summer Recipes

A Must Read Book on Menopause...
Even if Your Not There Yet

As many women reach their forties, fifties and sixties, they experience the unnecessary symptoms of menopause. Menopause is a natural process signaling the end of fertility and the beginning of a more carefree existence. Menopause is also supposed to be a smooth transition and not complicated with negative and uncomfortable symptoms. Some of the more common symptoms associated with an unbalanced menopause are irregular bleeding, mood swings, headaches, hot flashes and osteoporosis.
We now realize that in menopause, certain women develop an imbalance between the two main sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone. It was once assumed that a decline in estrogen was to blame for menopausal symptoms but further research supports a lack of progesterone as being the main cause. The hormone imbalance leaves estrogen as the predominant hormone hence the name "estrogen dominance."

Many women experience the symptoms of estrogen dominance long before menopause if they have used oral contraceptives, are significantly overweight or eat a diet high in foods with estrogen-like activity. Symptoms like abnormal weight gain, bloating and breast tenderness are all associated with too much estrogen in the woman's body.
When estrogen and progesterone stay balanced, the transition into menopause is smooth and symptom free. The only way these women are aware that the transition has been made is with the cessation of their menses (monthly cycles). Studying these women has helped us learn that the symptoms associated with menopause are largely preventable and current symptoms can be safely treated if the proper health lifestyle strategies are followed. These strategies are a much safer and more effective alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).


Relaxation, stress reduction, moderate exercise and dietary changes have all been shown to significantly improve or eliminate the symptoms of menopause.
Fresh Start helps prevent the symptoms of menopause by balancing your body with healthier exercise, eating and relaxation habits. Fresh Start is also a complete, healthy lifestyle solution reducing pain, strengthening bones, controlling weight, reducing stress and improving your golf or tennis game. Fresh Start gives you all the tools necessary for increasing strength, vitality and good health.

Contact Woody McMahon at 702-628-2880 or email to learn more about giving yourself a
Fresh Start or to schedule your free in-person or telephone consultation. 

Functional Fitness... It's Good for Your Kids Too
Kids are being put in a dangerous situation that, as they get older, has the potential to leave them with painful backs, arthritic hips and bum knees. Parents are turning to sports in an attempt to increase activity levels and maintain a healthy weight, strong bones and overall good health. Figuring more is better; these well intentioned parents sign their kids up for multiple sports creating to great a demand on a developing body. Parents are generally unaware of the damage that can be done to a growing body with too much too soon. For all the good they do, sports activities have their darker side resulting in many preventable injuries every year.

Sports related injuries can be easily avoided if kids participate in a complimentary sports training program. All athletes must prepare for their sport, kids are no different. Just look at the typical sport activity; running requires balance and strong legs and ankles; throwing a ball or swimming necessitates a strong upper back and shoulder girdle; jumping requires strong hips and good flexibility. Repetitive motion (doing the same thing over and over) is required for most sports creating a damaging problem called "overuse syndrome." Swimming is notorious for damaging knees and shoulders because of the volume of practice and limited range of motion required for the sport.

In an excellent book called Training Young Champions, Tudor Bompa, a world renowned athletic trainer, talks about this very mistake. He says that for kids to be successful, injury free athletes, they must do two things. First, they want to participate in a wide variety of sports activities but keep the volume low especially if they are young. Recovery time is very important between events. Second, they must prepare their bodies for the physical forces they will encounter. How do kids prepare? The same way as adults; for every hour spent on the field, kids should spend 30 minutes of functional training consisting of strength, balance, agility, core and flexibility work. For most kids this is about 2 hours a week of behind the scenes training to offset their playtime... just like adults.

Functional training is the training method of choice by all world class athletes. It is a superior form of training because it develops core and muscular strength, balance and flexibility in a real world setting. Joints are strengthened to better withstand muscular loads and lateral forces placed on the body by running, throwing and kicking. Flexibility is developed so muscles function properly as a child runs, jumps, kicks and moves. Core strength is required to transfer leg strength to arm movements like in the baseball, golf and tennis swing reducing the chance of rotator cuff and other shoulder injuries.

To help maximize your child's performance while helping them stay injury free, check out our sports performance Fresh Start program. Fresh Startis also a complete, healthy lifestyle solution encouraging healthier exercise, eating and relaxation habits. Fresh Startgives your child all the tools necessary for increasing strength, vitality and good health.

Contact Woody McMahon at 702-628-2880 or email to learn more about giving your child a
Fresh Start
 or to schedule your free in-person or telephone consultation.

Looking for Volunteers for Our Osteoporosis Support Group Fundraiser... October 14th Food and Fitness Fun Festival

Where: Sequoia Health & Fitness Center - Herndon , Virginia
What: Osteoporosis Food & Fitness Festival
When: Saturday, October 14, 2006 - 10:00am to 2:00pm

Would you like to be a sponsor for our upcoming event? How about helping us organize and run the first annual Food and Fitness fundraiser for our osteoporosis prevention and support group. We need financial sponsors, volunteer positions for marketing, ticket sales, directing traffic and parking cars, helping run the different games and events, handing out programs and assisting the elderly. Please contact Woody McMahon at 703-628-2880 or by email at

We need your help to make this a successful event!!!
The day long event will feature a food booths, carnival style games showcasing weight bearing events like a jump rope competition, tennis serve station, line dancing or ballroom dancing contest, soccer kick, basketball hoop toss, Whack-it tournament and batting contest.

You can win prizes for each event and sign-up for a raffle for some grand prizes as well. Tickets will be $1 a piece and can be exchange for food samples or for participation at any of the fitness stations. "Family" packs of tickets will be offered at 25 tickets for $20 or 50 tickets for $40 to encourage a larger scale participation level by attendants. Tickets may be purchased in advance or at the door. 


Some No-Cook Cool Summer Recipes from Michele Powers, RD of

Continued Good Health,

Woody McMahon
The Sequoia Advisor

Woody McMahon
Woody McMahon has been working in the health and fitness profession for over 20 years. Before starting his career Woody earned his Bachelor of Science degree in human biology from the University of Maryland , his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Palmer College of Chiropractic and is certified as a personal trainer through the National Strength
Professionals Association.
Woody's unique integrative approach to health and fitness -
combining fun physical activity, healthy eating and relaxation and stress reduction activities allows him to help many people that are considered beyond help.

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Fresh Start
is a revolutionary way of helping you achieve strength, vitality and
good health in less time and with less effort. Unlike other approaches Fresh Start
improves both your mental and physical fitness making positive healthy lifestyle changes
complete and permanent. Fresh Start benefits you in four important ways.
You receive:
- A Healthy Life Plan that is a step by step road map to achieving the changes
you've always hoped for on your journey to better health
- A balanced and integrated approach to your health and fitness activities including physical activity that is fun; nutrition that optimally fuels your body; and stress reduction techniques that produce greater results in less time
- A supportive health and fitness team available 24/7 guaranteeing your success by offering individualized programs, personal attention and motivation
- A cutting edge health and fitness info rmation service provided by experts
in their fields helping you apply the latest scientific health and fitness breakthroughs to your program

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We put the Fun back in FUNctional Activity. 
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