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The Sequoia Advisor
IN THIS ISSUE                                                                January 1st, 2010
  • Resolution Revolution
  • Medicine Ball Madness
  • Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pets
  • Osteoporosis Support Group Meeting Jan. 5th
  • Cutting Edge Changes for Better Bone Health

Feel Better... Live Better

Resolution Revolution
by Woody McMahon

It's That Time Again

January is the time for many to make their New Year's resolutions for the
coming year. Most of these resolutions never make it off the launching pad
because of a few basic design flaws. You, like others, may have just given
up making them because your best laid plans always seem to fail.
Resolutions are a good thing, don't get me wrong; but this is not supposed
to be a stressful process
. Just like anything else, there is an easy way
and a hard way to get the job done. Here are three helpful suggestions
that can literally "revolutionize" your resolution making process and have your
friends thinking "how did you do that" next January.


Start With ThreePick One

In the past, with all good intentions, you more than likely tried to make
too many resolutions which places you in a no win situation. Too many
resolutions dilute your energies and add confusion and stress to the whole
process. Adding stress to resolution making is a bad thing and
counterproductive to the whole "improve your health" intent in the first
place. So choose three resolutions (less than three is OK if you like) and
then pick just one to get started.


Write Them Down

"The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step," says Lau
Tzu, Chinese philosopher. So for your first step write down the three
you would like to accomplish for 2010. Once you have decided on
just three, write them down on a large piece of paper. Don't just think
about them like you did in the past. Actually take the time to write them
down on a piece of paper. Make sure to write large enough so you can easily
see them from across the room. The act of writing it down tells your
subconscious that you are really serious about working on these
resolutions. When you are finished, take that paper and hang it somewhere
you can conveniently see it every day.


Bringing Out the Big Guns

Properly directed, the subconscious is a powerful ally and can make your
resolution process much easier. To get it revved-up, take your paper that
is hanging conspicuously and take just a few minutes every day to review
your resolutions. This is best accomplished by sitting for several minutes
and reviewing your list
. Once you can repeat each resolution by heart,
close your eyes and use your imagination to accomplish your first
resolution. Forget about the other two, just focus on the first one at this


A Simple Example
So let's say the first resolution was to increase your activity level by
getting to the gym more often. Close your eyes and imagine yourself
getting dressed and going to the gym. Take another moment and go through
your workout. The clearer your visualization, the stronger the effect is on
your subconscious. It takes just a couple of minutes and you are finished.


Acting on Your Impulses

The subconscious works in strange and mysterious ways. Well, not really.
People just like to think it does and make more of it than necessary. Your
subconscious is actually very predictable. Each time you sit and imagine
accomplishing your first resolution, you are refreshing your intent with
the subconscious. This focused concentration actively stimulates the
subconscious in helping you accomplish your first resolution. The
subconscious in turn will send you subtle signals, nudges if you will, in
the right direction. You will find yourself thinking, "I would like to take
a walk"
or "I will be right by the club tomorrow; it is not my scheduled
workout day but I can stop in anyway."

Do not ignore this message. Act on it immediately because your
subconscious is subtly helping you to succeed. If you pay attention and
follow through on these little motivations; all of a sudden you'll find
yourself well on your way to accomplishing the first resolution.


The Second Will Follow

Once you feel like your first resolution is heading in the right direction
or completed, use the same techniques for the second and third. Putting the
subconscious to work helps you successfully accomplish your resolutions
that much faster.

Don't get caught making resolutions you cannot keep. My unique program helps
you choose realistic goals and that can reduce stress while improving balance,
strength, flexibility, energy and stamina.
After just a few weeks, you will
feel like a new person. Call Woody McMahon at 703-464-5171 to schedule your no

cost Fresh Start consultation. You can also email to


Medicine Ball Madness

by Woody McMahon

Just Grab the Ball

The New Year brings an opportunity to try different and more interesting
to build stronger bones and muscles while improving balance,
conditioning and flexibility. The medicine ball is a versatile piece of
fitness gear that can be lifted, thrown and bounced. Scientific research
continues to support the notion that lifting weights and cardiovascular
training should be combined
whenever possible. Why? In the real world, in
both work and play, the body uses the heart and skeletal muscles


A Real World Example

Moving your groceries from the car to the house requires walking, lifting
and carrying. You first need to get the grocery bags in and out of the car
which requires bending and lifting. Then there is the distance traveled
from the car to your house. You might have a series of obstacles to
negotiate like the curb as well as a flight or two of stairs. Suddenly your
heart is pounding, muscles in the arms, back and legs are getting a little
tight and your balance mechanisms are hard at work keeping you from
falling. In this simple act of work, many aspects of your conditioning are
stimulated and challenged. Your body wants to respond appropriately to make
this a routine event and not an adventure.


Training to Do Real Work

So if you want your real world work and play to be easier and more
enjoyable, it's time to start training that way. Integrated training
creates a demanding workout that reduces total workout time and increases
benefits by 50%. You save time by taking little or no rest breaks, using
exercises that combine muscle groups and making sure to stand with each
exercise to improve balance and body control. This fitness approach is
easier but much more challenging than you think. Let's look at a few
integrated training exercises using the medicine ball
; something called
Medicine Ball Moves.


Three Awesome Medicine Ball Moves


1) Walking Lunge and Press with a Medicine Ball

Grab a medicine ball that is heavy enough to make you work and place it at
chest level. With each lunge step you take, press the medicine ball above
your head as you breathe out and inhale as you bring it back to your chest.
Do anywhere from 8 to 12 repetitions. A more demanding variation is to take
two medicine balls of different weights and press them both alternately
with each lunge step.


2) Medicine Ball Single Arm, Single Leg Press

Take a medicine ball that is heavy enough to make you work and balance it
in one hand placed at shoulder level. Press up towards the ceiling as you
breathe out. Bring the ball slowly back to your shoulder. Remember to keep
your back straight and head in an "eyes up" neutral position. If you want
more challenge, try standing on one leg while you perform the single arm
press. Do anywhere from 8 to 12 repetitions.


3) Medicine Ball Toss

Choose a medicine ball that is a little lighter than the previous two
exercises. Standing 5 to 6 feet apart from your partner, balance on one leg
as you underhand toss the medicine ball to your partner. Stay on one leg
for 8 to 10 back and forth tosses of the ball. Change to the other leg and
perform the same drill. There is no special breathing recommended for this
exercise. Just don't hold your breath. You can make this exercise more
challenging by tossing the ball left, right, high and low making your
partner work a little harder to catch the ball.

Stress is the #1 cause of excess weight gain. Follow our Fresh Start
Healthy Weight!
system and you'll reduce your weight and improve your
health at the same time. We provide the education, motivation and
accountability necessary to improve your health while helping you feel and look
your best. For a no cost consultation, please call Woody McMahon at
703-464-5171 or email to 

Pets and People  


Winter Health Tips for Your Pets
 by Ingrid King 

Do you enjoy winter and love being out in the snow with your dog? 
Would you rather curl up in front of a warm fireplace with your favorite
feline? Regardless of your preferences for this cold season, being aware
of the challenges this time of year can bring for your pets can help keep
them safe all winter long. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Keep your cat inside. Outdoors, felines can freeze, become lost or be
stolen, injured or killed. Cats who are allowed to stray are exposed to
infectious diseases, including rabies, from other cats, dogs and wildlife.

2. Bang loudly on the car hood before starting the engine to give outdoor
cats a chance to escape. During the winter, outdoor cats sometimes sleep
under the hoods of cars. When the motor is started, the cat can be injured
or killed by the fan belt.

3. Never let your dog off the leash on snow or ice, especially during a
snowstorm - dogs can lose their scent and easily become lost. More dogs are
lost during the winter than during any other season, so make sure yours
always wears ID tags.

4. Thoroughly wipe off your dog's legs and stomach when he comes in
out of the sleet, snow or ice. He can ingest salt, antifreeze or other potentially
dangerous chemicals while licking his paws, and his paw pads may also bleed
from snow or encrusted ice.

5. Never shave your dog down to the skin in winter, as a longer coat will
provide more warmth. When you bathe your dog in the colder months, be sure
to completely dry him before taking him out for a walk. Own a short-haired
breed? Consider getting him a coat or sweater with a high collar or
turtleneck with coverage from the base of the tail to the belly. For many
dogs, this is regulation winter wear.

6. Never leave your dog or cat alone in a car during cold weather. A car
can act as a refrigerator in the winter, holding in the cold and causing
the animal to freeze to death.

7. Puppies do not tolerate the cold as well as adult dogs and may be
difficult to housebreak during the winter. If your puppy appears to be
sensitive to the weather, you may opt to paper-train him inside. If your
dog is sensitive to the cold due to age, illness or breed type, take him
outdoors only to relieve himself.

8. Does your dog spend a lot of time engaged in outdoor activities?
Increase his supply of food, particularly protein, to keep him in tip-top

9. Like coolant, antifreeze is a lethal poison for dogs and cats. Be sure
to thoroughly clean up any spills from your vehicle, and consider using
products that contain propylene glycol rather than ethylene glycol.

Ingrid King is a former veterinary hospital manager turned writer. She publishes
the E-zine News for You and Your Pet, covering topics ranging from conscious
living to holistic and alternative health. She shares her experiences with
consciously creating a joyful, happy and healthy life for pets and people on her
popular blog, The Conscious Cat. Ingrid lives in Northern Virginia with her
tortoiseshell cat Amber. Visit

Osteoporosis Support Group Meeting

"Healthy Bones Come From a Healthy Body" Woody McMahon

Topic: A Simpler More Effective Osteoporosis Treatment Program
           for 2010

Date: Tuesday January 5th

Time: 6 to 7 pm

Place: Sequoia Health and Fitness, Inc
            483A Carlisle Drive, Herndon, VA 

Come dressed in comfortable clothes and bring water. For questions and
reservations please contact Woody McMahon at 703-464-5171 or email to



Be Bone Strong! Adds Epigenome Stimulation Training for 2010

Your body has the ability to heal itself but it needs the help of your mind.
Scientists have been studying the Epigenome, the controlling center of
your genes,
that is directly connected to your brain. Learn to switch on
the Epigenome in the right way and you have the most powerful healing
known to humankind.


Be Bone Strong! continues to stay at the cutting edge in building stronger
bones and healthier bodies. For 2010, we are adding specific training to help
stimulate your Epigenome. If you are not including this training in your current
program, you owe it to yourself to find out more about this exciting healing
tool. Get started with it right now and you are on the cutting edge. 


Stimulating the Epigenome takes all the other lifestyle changes and makes them
more effective. We will continue to work with your doctor and help you
create and implement an effective osteoporosis treatment plan. Our support,
sympathetic ear and shoulder to lean on
will still be there eliminating the
unnecessary fear and worry this condition can bring.


With the use of Skype, emails, phone calls and the internet, you can benefit
from the only complete osteoporosis prevention and repair program.
Video consultations, stress reduction activities, healthy eating plans and
functional weight bearing programs all available in the comfort of your own
home over your computer. 

Our unique three step process makes it easier to improve bone strength faster:


Step 1: Personalized Osteoporosis Lifestyle Assessment

Step 2: Comprehensive "Make My Bones Strong" Plan and Program

Step 3: Implementation Support, Motivation and Consultation

Follow The "Big 6 for Healthy Bones" and you can't go wrong:

1. Increase daily stress reduction activities. This helps lower cortisol and homocystein
levels while reducing calcium loss.
2. Safe and sufficient weight bearing exercise to stimulate muscle growth and balance. This is essential for increasing bone quality and preventing falls.

3. Dietary changes that balance protein with fruit and vegetable intake.
Fruits and veggies contain greater amounts of water, minerals and antioxidants with generally lesser amounts of animal protein to reduce total body inflammation.

4. Establish year round vitamin D3 levels in the 50-80 ng/mL (or 125-200 nM/L).
This should be confirmed by regular 25-hydroxyvitamin D testing.
5. Calculate optimum water intake for maximum hydration. Water is very important
in helping the kidneys regulate pH and detoxify the body.

6. Strategic Epigenome training program to speed bone healing. The most powerful
healing tool in the human body. 


Test your bone knowledge and take our Strong Bones Healthy Body Quiz at


To learn more about Be Bone Strong! Online or to schedule a free consultation, please go to and click on Be Bone Strong!


Continued Good Health,


Woody McMahon

The Sequoia Advisor

Sequoia Health and Fitness, Inc.
483A Carlisle Dive
Herndon, VA 20170  

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