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The Sequoia Advisor
IN THIS ISSUE                                                          May 15, 2007 
  • Don't Ignore Vitamin D Deficiency
  • How to Stop Emotional Eating
  • Date Change...Return of Whack-it
    Round Robin... June 8th
  • Check-out the Healthy Product Page


Don't Ignore Vitamin D Deficiency

A Large Vitamin D Shortfall
In a recent study of fourteen to seventeen year olds, Catherine M. Gordon,
a pediatric endocrinologist and director of the Bone Health Center at
Children's Hospital in Boston, found low blood levels of vitamin D. Generally,
low vitamin D is a problem found in seniors, not in teens who are out
in the sun playing and having a good time. As kids play, sun exposure on their
skin produces adequate amounts of vitamin D. However, due to the use of
and reduced outdoor play time; vitamin D deficiency has
become a problem for teens
. This study reinforces other adult studies
showing increasingly low blood levels of vitamin D.

Vitamin D Basics
Vitamin D was originally misnamed and is actually not a vitamin at all.
It's a naturally occurring hormone, produced when particular
ultraviolet rays from the sun strike your skin. Vitamin D plays a key role
preventing seventeen varieties of cancer as well as heart disease,
stroke, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, depression,
chronic pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, muscle
wasting, birth defects, and periodontal disease. If more vitamin D is
produced than is needed, your liver stores the excess. In a natural vitamin
D cycle, the skin produces enough vitamin D in the spring and summer to
last you through the corresponding winter when vitamin D production is at
its lowest due to clothing and reduced hours of sunlight.

What Steps Should I Take?

1. Get Your Vitamin D Levels Checked
Your physician can administer a simple blood test to check for
25 hydroxyvitamin D levels. Optimal levels are around 50 ng/mL (125 nM/L).

2. Limited Sunscreen Free, Sun Exposure (5 to 15 minutes)
Most experts suggest limited sunscreen free, sun exposure (5 to 15 minutes)
in the middle of the day for adequate vitamin D production.  You need about
4000 units of vitamin D daily. You make about 20,000 units of vitamin D after
about 20 minutes of summer sun. Depending on the color of your skin
(darker skin requires longer exposure times) this brief sun exposure should
be adequate for healthy vitamin D production in the spring and summer months.
In the fall and winter, vitamin D supplementation is about the only way to
keep blood levels within the normal range.

3. Supplementing with Vitamin D
Vitamin D3 is readily available from health food stores and inexpensive.
It is always recommended to have your doctor check your vitamin D levels
before taking supplements. Excess vitamin D can be harmful to your body.

Vitamin D from Food
It is almost impossible to get enough vitamin D from your food alone.
For all practical purposes, Vitamin D must come from either sun exposure
or supplementation. Here are the primary foods that contain
naturally high in vitamin D listed in International Units (IU):

Salmon (31/2 oz.) 360 IU                          Mackerel (3 1/2 oz.) 345 IU
Sardines (3 1/2 oz.) 270 IU                       Fortified juice (8 oz.) 100 IU
Milk (8 oz.) 98 IU                                     Egg yolk 25 IU

To read the MSN Health article, A Plague of Brittle Bonesclick here.

Getting Active, Eating Healthier and Reducing Stress to improve your health is easier
than you think. To learn more about Fresh Start, please
contact Woody McMahon at
703-464-5171 or by email to

How to Stop Emotional Eating

Food as the Villain

Every year more and more people are becoming overweight. Some
studies show that a little extra weight is better than being underweight.
However, as the years go by and the pounds increase, your health
and medical conditions including heart disease, high blood
pressure, high cholesterol, back and knee pain, diabetes, osteoporosis
and depression start to pile-up. These medical conditions can severely
reduce the quality and enjoyment of your life.

For nearly 30 years now, food has been singled out as the cause for our
growing overweight population. Many diets have come and gone, having
little effect on stopping this epidemic. Low fat this, high protein that and
counting calories has been the universal answer to losing weight. Blaming
food as the culprit for obesity
has never and will never be the answer to
solving this problem. Neither is blaming a sedentary lifestyle as a primary
cause. More people are physically active now than ever before. However,
our increased awareness of food coupled with increased activity has not
changed the face of obesity. So what is to blame for such a wide spread
problem and what can you do about it right now?


Your Mouth vs. Your Treadmill

Until now, weight loss has been seen as a calorie in calorie out equation.
Maintaining a healthy weight requires burning more calories than you take
. It's nearly impossible to work-off your excess weight or to think that
extra activity can allow you additional food indulgences. Physical activity
is a healthy pursuit and is good for your body and mind. Your body is
designed for regular physical activity that stimulates the brain and heart
function, increases circulation and digestion and strengthens your immune
system. Regular physical activity is the number one way to dramatically
improve your health. But physical activity, by itself, is not a successful
way to permanently lose or maintain a healthy weight.


Here is the simple example. Your mouth can always take in more calories
than your activity level will ever burn off. Here is an example. You order the
lunch special at your favorite Chinese food place, or worse, a buffet. It's an
egg roll, fried rice,
Schezwan beef, a fortune cookie and maybe a Coke to wash
it all down. Counting the calories you'd see about 700 to 800 calories for lunch.
Your average workout might burn 250 to 300 calories for an hour of time.
Doing the math, you've got about a two hour work-out just to burn-off lunch.
So how many people do you think are going to workout for two hours a day?

Stopping the Need to Eat

The most successful, long-term weight loss strategy involves learning how to

stop your need to overeat. When asked why they overeat, most overweight
people will tell you they are emotional or stress eaters. They'll tell you they
feel a compelling drive to eat food. Food involves an abnormal amount of time
in their day both mentally and physically. Life is all about food. These are the
most accurate statement you'll ever hear about being overweight.

Take a moment and think about why you eat more than your body needs.
In the same moment, think about what food means to you. Are you stressed,
sad or depressed? To fix the weight, you have to solve the root problem.
Most overweight people associate food with comfort and a feeling of safety.
Figure out where your overwhelming drive to eat is coming from. Knowing why
you eat more than you need, understanding and fixing the drive behind your
excess eating is critical to permanent, healthy weight loss. You also need to
relearn how to interact with food in a healthy manner. All the food in the
can't relieve the stress or substitute for feeling loved or feeling good
about yourself. You've got to find a better way!

Learn how Fresh Start helps break the emotional eating cycle and helps you take
a healthy approach to weight loss. Balance your lifestyle and maintain good
health at any age. For more information c
ontact Woody McMahon at 703-464-5171
or email to


Return of Whack-it-... Round-Robin June 8th

Whack-it Round Robin returns Friday night, June 8th from 7 to 9pm.

Come by yourself or bring a teammate. We will be trying some 4 on 4 Whack-it as well.
Please register at 
or email
or by phone 703-464-5171. The cost is $10 per person.
Looking forward to seeing your there.

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Continued Good Health,


Woody McMahon

The Sequoia Advisor

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