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The Sequoia Advisor
IN THIS ISSUE                                                          June 1, 2007 
  • It's Healthy Vacation Time
  • 2007 Health and Fitness Goals Revisited

  • Whack-it Round Robin... June 8th
  • Welcome Rebecca Marino... Our Healthy Kids Specialist


It's Healthy Vacation Time


The Tell Tale Signs

If you pay close attention to how your body feels and the thoughts that traverse your mind, you'll know exactly when it's time to take a break. In recent years, work and home schedules have become very hectic, increasing mental and physical stresses and reducing life's enjoyments. The constant bombardment of stress places enormous strain on all parts of the body and the mind. So do a self-check  and isee f you have any of the following signs: increased pain levels, more muscle tightness, irritability and shortness of temper or lack of creativity. If so,  it's probably time for a vacation.   


Go Go Go

Many people mistakenly believe that success requires a 24 hour dedication to their work. In fact, there is nothing farther from the truth. Pulling away from work helps bring balance and a whole new perspective to your career. It makes no sense at all being successful and making lots of money and then ending up spending all of it at the doctor's office or in the hospital. When it comes to increasing your success and helping you live a long and healthy lifetime, a healthy vacation maybe just what the doctor ordered. Let's look at some of the important things to keep in mind when you are planning your vacation strategy. Plan a relaxing vacation and after several days you will be enthusiastically back at your job ready to slay the competition.


Resist the Urge to Do Too Much

If your vacation plan starts to mirror your daily life just in another place and time, resist the urge to over do it. Sure there may be many things to see and do, but you can't do it all and expect to relax. Entertain the possibility that instead of doing and seeing it all on this trip, maybe you might actually come back a second time to catch what you missed. Don't get me wrong; you don't necessarily need to just sit in a chair and drool, but vacation days chocked full like work days won't give you the rest necessary to feel refreshed and revived.  


The Art of Relaxation

Learning to relax is really difficult for many people and in fact is actually an art. The first step to any healthy vacation is to just chill and have some fun. In this day and age, work involves deadlines, schedules and other commitments. Every minute of your day can be jammed with meetings, answering emails and phone calls and taking kids to soccer or swim team practice. Don't let your vacation be a series of planned "things I have to do." The faster you can switch from work mode to vacation time, the sooner your body and mind can start to relax. True relaxation is learning to let go, creating real down-time and allowing yourself to do just nothing.   


Turn-off All Cell Phones, Email and Computers
Before you leave, create a "gone fishing" message to anyone who might email you. Change the phone message on your voice mail announcing that you will be unavailable for the next few days while you kick back and relax. Absolutely though, stay away from the work impulse to check your email or voice mail while on vacation. Relaxation time is about creating a different rhythm or mind-set with your time and days. You can try getting up earlier or staying up later, going off your normal eating schedule, reading the local paper if you normally don't, taking a break from your rigorous fitness schedule or anything else that separates vacation days from work days.


There is great power in breaking the bonds that tie you to your work. When it comes to working, taking a break helps you refresh your energies and avoid burnout. This is the time to recharge your batteries and come back full of energy and raring to go. One resort uses a slogan that best sums up the healthy vacation experience. Relax. Rejuvenate. Restore... what more can be said!

It's easier than you think to Get Active, Eat Healthier and Reduce Stress to improve your health. To learn more about improving your health with Fresh Start, please contact Woody McMahon at 703-464-5171 or by email to

2007 Health and Fitness Goals Revisited

Make Time to Review
As the half year mark fast approaches, this is a good time to review and affirm the health and fitness goals you set in January. So many times goals are set but never reviewed. Here you are six months later, how are you doing? Are you enjoying your activity time? Have you made any new friends helping make it easier to accomplish your goals? Take a few moments to remember your goals and then give yourself a little mid-term grade. Whether you've been successful or not, consider the following when it comes to your health.

Money in the Bank

Sticking to your goals is a great personal investment strategy. It's also a way to empower and feel good about doing for yourself. If you get active, eat healthier and reduce stress now, it pays off enormously as you get older. Healthy pursuits can reduce your number of medications and sick days, bestow a feeling of greater independence and mobility and help you enjoy life more. Just like a savings or stock market account, investing in yourself now pays many dividends later.


Oops I Forgot

If you didn't make any goals in January, it's not too late to make them now. Some people say goals are just a set-up for failure when you don't accomplish them. In reality, goals are more like a good lighthouse in the black of night. The lighthouse shines brightly showing you where you are and where you need to go. Goals do not necessarily show you how to get there but they give you a guiding light, so to speak.  


Enjoying the Journey

Once you set your goals, a two part process unfolds. It's important to accomplish your goals but more important to enjoy the journey. Just like the archer, if you keep your eye on the bull's eye and continue to practice your technique, eventually you'll get better at hitting your target. In reality, your goals are the targets to aim for and practice is how you will achieve these goals. No goals, no target. No practice, no achievement.

Even if you never accomplish one goal, you can still enjoy the journey. In reality though, it's very hard to find someone who is truly enjoying the journey and not accomplishing their goals. And if for some reason you don't accomplish all of them, it's no big deal. Just reaffirm your desire and start practicing more, just like the archer.


Start Off With an Easy One

If you are not good at setting goals or have never bothered to set any before, try these simple steps. First, choose one, relatively simple goal and second, make it easy to follow.
A good one might be "I will make sure to walk 5 minutes every day to strengthen my heart and lungs." This is a good goal being both simple and easy to follow. You don't want to say "I will walk 30 minutes each and every day" because now you may find it difficult to dedicate 30 consecutive minutes each and every day. Even though 5 minutes a day may seem too insignificant to be beneficial, it's not. Even 5 minutes a day of walking will improve your health. Plus, once you are out there, that 5 minute walk you planned will easily turn into 10 or 15 minutes. Keep the goals simple and easy to follow and your success is just about guaranteed.  

Learn how Fresh Start helps you set and keep your goals through education, support and motivation. Balance your lifestyle and maintain good health at any age. For more information contact Woody McMahon at 703-464-5171 or email to


Return of Whack-it-... Round-Robin June 8th

Come play Whack-it with us. Whack-it Round Robin returns Friday night,
June 8th from 7 to 9pm.
Come by yourself or bring a teammate. We will be trying some
4 on 4 Whack-it as well. Please register at 
or email
 or by phone 703-464-5171. The cost is $10 per person.
Looking forward to seeing you there.

Welcome Rebecca Marino... Our Healthy Kids Specialist
Rebecca Marino is the newest member of the Sequoia Health Team. A graduate of
George Mason's physical education program, Rebecca brings her experience and passion
for working with children
to Sequoia
. Starting in June, she will offer a Fresh Start health
and fitness camp
specifically designed to help kids have fun, develop
self-confidence, lose
excess weight, increase strength, flexibility and stamina, increase athletic performance,
adopt better eating habits and reduce stress.

Three types of small group classes will be offered, a
Just for Kids, Parents/Kids Combo
and Girl Power
. The program meets once a week for 8 weeks. Class size is limited to 10.
To learn more or to enroll your child, please contact Rebecca Marino at 703-464-5171 or
by email at

Continued Good Health,


Woody McMahon

The Sequoia Advisor

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