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The Sequoia Advisor
IN THIS ISSUE                                                          August 15, 2007 
  • Fiber As Your Guide
  • Let Your Thoughts Help Heal Your Body 

  • Try This Fun Little Food Portion Quiz

  • Fall Canoe Trip Planned


Fiber As Your Guide


Better Health from Within

Getting daily amounts of fiber is one of the most important ways to maintain good health. Fiber provides the bulk necessary to move food through your digestive system at the proper speed. A meal with an adequate fiber content allows digestion to occur more efficiently and stimulates your entire digestive system to work properly. Most people do not regularly consume enough dietary fiber. This leaves them vulnerable to conditions such as excess weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, irritable bowel disease and cancer.


The Fiber Health Connection

If processed foods make up a large percentage of your diet then getting enough fiber can

be a real problem. Processed grains and fruits have little fiber content because it is actually stripped away to make the products more palatable. Removing the fiber to make soft breads, tasty juices and fluffy cakes is good for your taste buds but not the rest of your digestive system. Reaching the recommended intake of 25 grams of fiber per day means you will:

-Never have to count calories to maintain a healthy weight

-Never be overweight

-Never have to go on a diet

-Never be hungry 

-Avoid health problems like constipation, hemorrhoids and colon cancer


What is Fiber?

Fiber is the indigestible carbohydrate found in the foods you eat. There are two main types of fiber, soluble and insoluble, both of which you need for good heath. In the intestine, soluble fiber dissolves in water forming a bulky gel that slows the digestive processes and nutrient absorption. Soluble fiber is also a good digestive regulator relieving both constipation and diarrhea. Good sources of soluble fiber are found in oat bran, legumes, psyllium, nuts, beans, and various fruits and vegetables.


Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water. Instead, it absorbs many times its weight creating a soft bulk. This added bulk increases the speed with which foods passes through the stomach and intestines promoting an easier bowel movement. The increased bulk works through the intestine scouring the intestinal walls of waste matter, reducing the risk of colon-related problems. Insoluble fiber comes from the un-dissolvable parts of plant walls and is found in greatest amounts in whole grain cereals, bran, and vegetables.


Taking Fiber Supplements

Most experts agree that we should try to get our fiber through fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans at our meals. If you decide to take a fiber supplement, psyllium is one of the best fiber supplements because it contains both soluble and insoluble fiber fractions making it a complete fiber. If you are trying to lose weight, the best time to take your fiber supplement is with water right before you eat your meal. Taking fiber supplements does require slowly building up. Your system can react if you try to increase fiber too quickly. Cramping and gas are two of the most common side effects. Not drinking adequate water with your fiber supplement can create blockages in the intestine. To be safe, when you take a fiber supplement, drink at least one eight ounce glass of water.


Planning Meals Around Fiber

The easiest way to get enough fiber is to plan your meals and snacks around fiber rich foods. If you eat three meals and two snacks a day, 4 to 5 grams of fiber per meal/snack time is a good balance. You will be very surprised how challenging it can be to get 25 grams of fiber. To see how well you are doing with fiber by going to and calculate your fiber intake.


Fresh Start avoids fad diets and instead uses a complete approach to improve your health helping you Get Active, Eat Healthier and Reduce Stress. Fresh Start helps you lower cholesterol, increase bone density, improve muscle strength, speed metabolism and lose weight. Make the most of your activity time while also balancing your lifestyle and maintaining good health at any age.
For more information c
ontact Woody McMahon at 703-464-5171 or email to


Let Your Thoughts Help Heal Your Body


Thought Patterns Are Learned

The thoughts that circulate in your head have a profound affect on your health and well being. Scientists have evaluated test subjects to determine if thought patterns have any affect on our general health and well being. The results of their research show people with the most positive thought profiles have the best health and longevity. People who take life in stride and have confidence that they can change their lives for the better live
longer. But just how do these more positive people get that way?


The Chicken or the Egg

When first presented with the idea that thoughts affect your health, you probably said, "well of course my thoughts would be better if I felt better." But scientists have determined that it's the thoughts that actually change the chemistry of your brain and body. Thoughts are learned habits. If you change a thought pattern from negative to positive, measurable changes occur in the amount of serotonin in the brain and levels of cortisol in the body. The more serotonin, the better you feel. The less cortisol, the healthier your body stays. So to feel better, you literally retrain your mind to view the world differently producing a healthier, more positive thought pattern.


3 Steps to More Positive Thought Patterns


Adopt a Hopeful Outlook

Without hope or a determination that your future can be better than your present, positive thoughts are next to impossible. You may find yourself caught-up in thinking about all the problems in your life or all the things that have happened to make your life so challenged. These thoughts do not solve the problems nor are they beneficial to your physical health.
Problems are solved by thinking about solutions, getting expert advice when needed and deciding to move forward and change your circumstances. Read the stories of people who have gone from nothing to something; overcome adversity when all hope was lost; how did these people do it?


What You Read and Watch is Important

Even though few people realize this, what you read or watch on television
has a significant impact on your mental health
which in turn affects your
physical well being. One of the best ways to improve thought patterns is to
read empowering books and watch movies or television that makes you laugh
and is uplifting. The mind is especially impressionable right before bed.
Take some time to read a book that can inspire you to solve your problems.
Read a few pages and then sit or lie quietly thinking what you read and how
it applies to the problem you are trying to solve.


Believe in Yourself and a Better Day
No matter what you call it, self-empowerment, positive self-esteem or
personal power; feeling good about yourself is important to a healthy mind
and body. Thoughts like "what a bad person I am or I'm just not as good as
my friends" need to be critically analyzed and removed from your thinking
process immediately.


To build personal power, first start by learning to respect and treat yourself

kindly. Once you can respect yourself, changing what you do and say to

others and treating them with respect will be easy. Personal kindness helps

you grow as a person. It is never enough to just treat others better. Trying to

be kindly to others and neglecting yourself is a form of self-abuse. When you

begin to start believing in your own good, treating yourself with genuine care

and kindness will be easy.



Try This Fun Little Food Portion Quiz

Click on and see how well you score. 

You might be surprised at some of your answers.

Let me know how well you did. Good Luck!!!

Fall Canoe Trip Planned 

We are planning a day long, fall canoe trip down the Shenandoah or Rappahannock river.
Fall is a beautiful time of year to enjoy the colors in the trees and the cooler weather outdoors.
If you are interested, please call Woody McMahon at 703-464-5171 or email to

Continued Good Health,


Woody McMahon

The Sequoia Advisor

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