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The Sequoia Advisor
IN THIS ISSUE                                                          September 1, 2007 
  • Food Allergies on The Rise... But Why?
  • Move It or Lose It 

  • Ask The Experts

  • Fall Canoe Trip Planned


Food Allergies on The Rise. But Why?


Many More Reported Cases
Food allergies are on the rise for both children and adults. About 12 million Americans
have some degree of food allergy. Severe food allergies trigger 30,000 emergency room
visits and 150 to 200 deaths a year. The incidence of food allergies is increasing, but
nobody really knows why. Food allergies can force you to eat a less varied selection of
Over the long term this restriction can lead to potential vitamin and mineral
deficiencies. Some studies suggest about four percent of the U.S. population, more than
11 million people, have food allergies. Ten years ago, that figure was believed to be
only one percent. In the United States, the most common food allergies in adults and
children are cow's milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish and nuts.

Why the Increase?

Some researchers say the increasing numbers are caused by a spike in allergy reports due
more to awareness than an actual increase in food allergies. Health problems become more
"trendy" as increased information is presented in the press and on television. Other
scientists believe it may have to do with birth trends. In a study of Norwegian children
with allergic mothers who had C-section deliveries, the rate of perceived and objectively
confirmed allergies to a variety of foods was seven-fold higher than non C-section
deliveries. Others talk about poor dietary habits and chemically laden food that can
comprises a large part of our diet as being the culprit. Who's right?


Physiology of a Food Allergy

In a food-allergic reaction, your immune system overreacts to specific food proteins. In
ordinarily circumstance, these proteins do not cause a problem and are just digested and
absorbed normally into the body. Food proteins only become a problem when your immune system is hypersensitive and these proteins are misread as invaders. In response to the proteins, certain immune cells produce antibodies which in turn stimulate the protective cells of your immune system to release histamines. Histamines are powerful chemicals that cause your body to fight what is considered "the invading protein." Symptoms of the histamine reaction can develop within minutes or up to several hours after eating and include itchiness of the mouth, facial and tongue swelling, hives, difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, vomiting and in extreme cases, a drop in blood pressure [anaphylactic shock].


The Unexplored Cause

High stress living and its ability to strongly over-stimulate your immune system is
rarely talked about as a cause for food allergies. Chronic stress makes your immune
system hypersensitive
and more prone to react abnormally to everyday substances. The more stress your body is under, the more adrenaline is released into the blood stream. When the immune system is constantly on "high alert," many normal proteins, such as in food, can be mistaken for invaders and attacked.


One of the important things to remember about food allergies is they can develop and
they can go way.
Food allergy reactions are also closely related to the asthma, seasonal
allergies and some forms of arthritis. The good thing about food allergies is that many
people will naturally out grow them. If you are having trouble with food allergies,
asthma and arthritis, there are safe and effective methods to naturally balance your
immune system and help it functional normally again.


Simple Solutions to Reduce Food Allergies

Drinking more water, up to half your body weight in ounces, is a great way to purify
your system. Simple relaxation and breathing activities, along with massage have been
shown to help reduce stress. Meditation and visualization are good ways to assist your
body in normalizing the immune system reactions. Regular, fun activity boosts serotonin
and reduces cortisol levels helping you feel more relaxed. Healthier eating and
detoxification programs reduce the chemical load on the body improving digestion and
reducing sensitivities.


Fresh Start helps you reduce stress and live a healthier lifestyle. Fresh Start uses a complete approach to improve your health helping you Get Active, Eat Healthier and Reduce Stress. Fresh Start helps you lower cholesterol, increase bone density, improve muscle strength, speed metabolism and lose weight. Make the most of your activity time while also balancing your lifestyle and maintaining good health at any age.
For more information c
ontact Woody McMahon at 703-464-5171 or email to


Move It or Lose It


The Ability to Move Important

The Reuters Health news agency recently reported on a study that included 424
adults in their 70s and 80s. The adults had trouble walking without assistance and
were considered at risk of disability. The study showed that "older adults who find
it difficult to walk without assistance may see their overall quality of life
Researchers found that older men and women with impaired mobility --
including slowed movement and problems with balance and strength -- had a poorer
health-related quality of life than a comparison group of adults the same age
without these problems."


Mobility More Important Than Health

Dr. Erik J. Groessl of the VA San Diego Healthcare system, found that compared to a
group of healthy older adults from a previous study, his study participants reported
a lowered quality of life. Dr. Groessl went on to say, "It's not surprising that
mobility problems would have such an effect. But what's 'interesting,' he told
Reuters Health, is that mobility was a more significant determinant of quality of
life than co-existing medical conditions
." Keeping that in mind, let's look at what
you can do to keep your mobility and independence.


Maintaining Independence

Independence is important in maintaining a high quality of life. Think about the
last time your car broke down and what a mess it was trying to find a ride to the
repair shop. One of the basic fears of getting older is losing the ability to do the
simple things in life.
Getting older doesn't have to be the scary scenario you may
envision. Maintaining an active lifestyle is the best way to preserve a high quality
of life and your personal independence. The sooner you start a well balanced
activity program, the less difficulty you'll have with driving, walking, bending over,

tying your shoes and getting out of a chair. Starting activity early conditions

your body and sends it healthy signals over a lifetime. If you already notice a loss

of mobility, getting into the right activity now can help rehabilitate your body over



Think of Your Health as an Investment

Aging gracefully, as it is sometimes called, requires that you make an investment
in your health today. Consider your health as an asset or investment. Ask yourself
what would you do if your health was money? Would you squander it, put it in your
mattress or let it grow? What is your health investment strategy going to be?

Like money in the bank that gains interest, a well balanced activity program pays health
dividends now and when you get older.


Getting more active, eating a healthier diet and reducing stress is a good investment

in your health. You'll maintain your mobility and independence as you age by improving

your balance, strength, coordination and stamina. It's not that your body can't
improve if you are older and start later, it can. It just takes longer. Remember, your

investments grow but they take time; the same for your body. Your mobility and
health will improve, but it takes time.
Just like with investing, the sooner you
start your health investing strategy, the faster your health improves and the sooner
you get to reap the rewards.


How to Keep Your Body Moving

Activity is fun! If that hasn't been your experience then either you don't make it
a social time to laugh and gab with your friends or you haven't found an activity
that is right for you. The best strategy is to try sports or activities that you think

might be really fun. Use your workouts at the health club to improve your base level of
conditioning. If you are stronger, more balanced, have better stamina and are more
flexible, you'll enjoy your activity more.

Remember the slogan, Invest Today for a Healthier Tomorrow!



Ask The Experts

We are offering a new service called Ask The Experts. If you have a question about health,

fitness, diet, supplements or any medications you may be taking, send us an email to with your questions. Our team of health and fitness experts will
send an answer directly to you via email. We may even use your question

(with permission of course) for our next newsletter. We hope you enjoy this new service. 

Fall Canoe Trip Planned 

We are planning a day long, fall canoe trip down the Shenandoah or Rappahannock river.
Fall is a beautiful time of year to enjoy the colors in the trees and the cooler weather outdoors.
If you are interested, please call Woody McMahon at 703-464-5171 or email to

Continued Good Health,


Woody McMahon

The Sequoia Advisor

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