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As far as feedback on the Posture Perfect!TM class goes, it has not only met my expectations, but exceeded them! There are several reasons I enjoy the class... 

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In This Issue...                             April 1, 2006
  •    Healthy Thoughts Produce a Healthy Body
  •    MS Walk April 2nd With Phyliss Hurt- Final
  •    Not All Fitness Programs Are Created Equally
  •    National Osteoporosis Foundation Partnership
       Fuschia Friday, May 12th, 2006


 Healthy Thoughts Produce a Healthy Body

It probably doesn't come as much of a surprise when I say... you're living in a stress filled world!!! Constantly reading or hearing about wars, murders, addictions, illnesses and family tragedies; who wouldn't feel anxious and fearful. It may surprise you to know; even when these events are not directly experienced ... your response to these negative events actually affects your physical health and longevity. Watch for your first warning signs: constant negative thinking patterns, lack of job satisfaction, frequent colds, feeling afraid, a feeling of desperation or of being out of control.

In 2004, The University of Texas did a study of 1,558 older people and found those with an upbeat view of life were less likely than pessimists to show signs of frailty. Lead researcher Dr Glenn Ostir told BBC News Online:
"I believe that there is a connection between mind and body - and that our thoughts and attitudes/emotions affect physical functioning, and over all health, whether through direct mechanisms, such as immune function, or indirect mechanisms, such as social support networks."

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Seeing the glass as always 'half empty' speeds your aging process and contributes to more illness (frequent colds and flu, high blood pressure, excessive weight and heart disease) during your lifetime.

The solution... learn to maintain a healthy attitude and free yourself from the negative heath effects of a stress filled world. It is important to understand that you can learn to control your reaction to a stressful situation. Getting "stressed out" is just a learned response and nothing more. Train yourself to think healthy thoughts and you can actually de-stress your life. Embarking upon a program of healthy thinking boosts your optimism and self-control while:

  1. Sending powerful messages to your cells keeping them operating normally and preventing illness
  2. Encouraging you to choose and work towards a beneficial outcome
  3. Empowering you to be your best and increasing your self-esteem and joy
  4. Increasing your good health and happiness

Take the first step and start getting your stress under control; complete our 
Be Less Stressed Quiz. We'll calculate your Stress Score, send our Be Less Stressed Guide and arrange for a FREE telephone
or in-person consultation to discuss your results. Take a moment and see how well you score.

Remember... a balanced lifestyle is a healthy l

MS Walk April 2nd  with Phyliss Hurt - Final

The MS Walk is this Sunday and we have over 40 people signed-up to walk. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for walking. I am looking forward to a warm, sunny day and having a great time with clients and friends. Hopefully you have signed-up, have your walking shoes on and are ready for the big day. It is still not too late... Click here if you haven't signed-up; and please join Team Sequoia on Sunday April 2, 2006.

If you missed it, Phyliss was on channel 4 this past Sunday morning on View Point with Joe Krebs. She had a great interview. We are going to get a copy  and try to put it on the Sequoia Website for everyone to see.

Remember, we are meeting at The American Tap Room (ATR) for breakfast at 7:00am. If you are not eating breakfast, please meet us at ATR by 8am for our Team Sequoia group picture. If you need to contact me, call my cell at 703-628-2880 or email me at

Not All Fitness Programs Are Created Equally 

For most people, sticking to a traditional fitness program has two major pitfalls... it's BORING and it's real BORING!!! You started out with lofty fitness goals in January and ended-up completely sidetracked by March. Does that sound at all like you? This is probably what your traditional fitness program looks like:

Traditional fitness programs are repetitive and time inefficient; lack adequate balance and flexibility training to prevent injury and provide little usable strength to improve your golf or tennis game, run around with the kids or bring in the groceries. Fortunately, there is a better way!

In an article entitled New Workouts Hit the Diamond, Reed Albergotti of the New York Times writes "Fitness experts say many of the new exercises, which focus on things like coordination, balance and strong abdominal and back muscles, are appropriate for weekend warriors, too. Craig Friedman, a trainer at Athletes' Performance in Tempe, Ariz., says the approach he takes with pro baseball players can help in everything from golf to 'lifting a bag of groceries off the countertop.' The reason: These workouts hit muscles that traditional weight lifting doesn't reach, helping to eliminate areas of weakness that can cause injuries, he says."

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The solution... create your own ultimate fitness program and make the most of your fitness time. The pros use Functional Fitness Training (FFT), the Cadillac of fitness approaches. You can train like a pro and get all the benefits they get... increased usable strength, flexibility, balance and stamina all in one session. Why is FFT the best way to train? Simply... more benefits in less time... a balanced, injury free body... more useable strength for golf, tennis, yard work or playing with the kids.  

At Sequoia, we specialize in Functional Fitness Training (FFT). If it's good enough for world class athletes, it's good enough for the rest of us. We also like it because it is FUN; develops full body strength; burns more calories per hour; and improves balance and flexibility. Ask us how to get more bang for your buck with FFT.

Learn More About FFT

National Osteoporosis Foundation Partnership
Fuschia Friday, May 12th, 2006

On May 12th, 2006 Sequoia is partnering with the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) as a part of our 2006-2007 Non-Profit Health Partnerships Initiative. May 12th is designated by the NOF as Fuschia Friday; an opportunity for women of all ages to educate themselves on preventing the negative health affects of Osteoporosis.

Fuschia Friday will be a day dedicated to FUN; healthy, bone strengthening activities; lectures and seminars on cutting-edge, Osteoporosis prevention programs; and cooking demonstrations, food tasting and recipes containing calcium rich ingredients. All proceeds will go to the NOF in their continuing efforts to raise Osteoporosis awareness and fund educational programs. NOF has asked us to start an Osteoporosis support group.
Look for a start-up date at Sequoia sometime in May.

Stay tuned to upcoming issues of The Advisor for more information. You may also email me at if you have specific questions about Fuschia Friday. 

Learn More About Fuchsia Friday

News From Sequoia Health and Fitness, Inc.

Fresh Start is a revolutionary way of helping you achieve strength, vitality and good health in less time and with less effort. Unlike other approaches The Sequoia System improves both your mental and physical fitness making positive healthy lifestyle changes complete and permanent. The Sequoia System benefits you in four important ways. You receive: - A Healthy Life Plan that is a step by step road map to achieving the changes you?ve always hoped for on your journey to better health - A balanced and integrated approach to your health and fitness activities including physical activity that is fun; nutrition that optimally fuels your body; and stress reduction techniques that produce greater results in less time - A supportive health and fitness team available 24/7 guaranteeing your success by offering individualized programs, personal attention and motivation - A cutting edge health and fitness information service provided by experts in their fields helping you apply the latest scientific health and fitness breakthroughs to your program.     

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Woody McMahon has been working in the health and fitness profession for over 20 years. Before starting his career Woody earned his Bachelor of Science degree in human biology from the University of Maryland, his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine from Palmer College of Chiropractic and is certified as a personal trainer through the National Strength Professionals Association. Woody's unique integrative approach to health and fitness - combining fun physical activity, healthy eating and relaxation and stress reduction activities allows him to help many people that are considered beyond help.

Continued Good Health,


Woody McMahon 
Sequoia Advisor  

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       We put the Fun back in FUNctional Activity. 

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