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IN THIS ISSUE                                                                October 1st 2010
  • Make More "ME" Time
  • Katie's Weight Loss Success Story
  • What Not to Say to Someone Grieving the Loss of a Pet
  • Osteoporosis Online Support Group Meeting October 26th
    "Simple Ways to Stop Osteo Fear and Confusion"
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Feel Better... Live Better

by Woody McMahon 

Don't Put "Me" Last

You hear it too often. I don't have time to take care of myself because I
am (you fill in the blank). Everybody and everything else seems to come
first instead of you taking some time to exercise, eat a nutritious
breakfast or spend a few moments in quiet reflection. The next thing you
know the old body is acting-up with back pain, headaches and aching knees
in response to neglect and you ask "why me?"

Giving from a Position of Strength
If you are going to give of your time to others, make sure you are coming
from a position of strength. Just like you wouldn't lend someone $50 if you
have to go hungry; consider yourself first before giving to others. You
say, "Oh that would make me selfish and a bad person." But in reality,
people will know when you are not taking good care of yourself. They will
watch what you eat, notice when you look tired and in need of a rest and
see if you give off good, positive energy. The last thing you want is to
give of your time to a good cause and have everybody thinking they should
really be helping you instead.

Try 3 Ways to Help Take Better Care of "ME

1. Create a "ME" Calendar
Place a calendar on the wall or the refrigerator for everyone to see. Mark
in those times for your workouts, quiet time and other healthful pursuits.
Make it known that those times are for you and not to be besieged with a
"honey do" list. There are enough other available hours in the day that you
can be ready to do your collective part.

2. Make Time to Relax
Having activities that you find relaxing are a great way to take care of
you. Here are a few suggestions:

Massage is one of the best, natural ways to relieve pain, enhance
circulation, lower blood pressure, improve flexibility, reduce stress
levels and relax. Massage will help to restore your sanity and neutralize a
hectic and fast paced lifestyle. It's good to know there is still a simple,
practical and extremely effective way to improve your health in this world
of high tech solutions.

A Quiet Walk where you can take in the wonders of nature or feel the warm,
soothing rays of the sun is another terrific way to reduce stress and
improve me time. Take off the pedometer and forget about how many calories
you are burning and just feel the pure joy of moving your body. It doesn't
have to be fast or on any particular time schedule. Focus on being aware of
your surroundings as much as possible as you walk and take-in lots of deep

Reading an Uplifting Book is a powerful way to change how you feel. There
are books on improving your bottom line, spirituality, relationships and
travel to name a few. Make sure the book you select has a strong positive
message and makes you feel good.

3. Get a Good Workout
Over and over exercise is still your best "ME" time going. From the health
benefits to the boost in self esteem, participating in a regular fitness
program has a lot to offer your health and quality of life. Keep it fun and
consider a partner to help make your workouts more productive. If you don't
know how to start, hire an exercise professional to help you create a well
balanced fitness and conditioning program.

Try these suggestions for 30 days and you will be amazed at how good you
will start feeling.


Would you like to improve your health but don't know where to start?

How about an exercise program that alleviates pain and strengthens your bones?

Do you have weight problems but are tired of dieting? We provide an easy to
follow program without the gimmicks or fads. You'll also get the education,
motivation and accountability necessary to improve your health while helping
you feel and look your best. Please call Woody McMahon for a no cost
consultation, at 703-464-5171 or email to 













Katie's Weight Loss Success Story
by Woody McMahon



Way Down By 28 Pounds

There are many weight loss success stories out there, but this one is
particularly special. Many people have lost 28 pounds in 6 months; that is
not special or unique. Katie's weight loss success story has very little to
do with the amount of weight lost or the time involved in losing it.
Katie's success was in learning to change the way she thought and
interacted with food allowing her start leaving her weight loss struggle
behind. If you want to lose weight and keep it off for good, read Katie's
story and adopt her approach.

Food is Not a Stress Management Tool

Even though just about everybody uses it as one; food is a very poor
stress management tool. For a short period of time, food does make you feel
better but eventually it takes ever increasing amounts to get the same
feeling. Managing your stress and weight is more successfully accomplished
by adopting new healthy habits such as increasing exercise activity, making
better food choices and creating time to relax. Fortunately Katie decided
to avoid shortcuts and instead make healthy lifestyle changes. She dropped
the excess weight, improved her interaction with food and empower herself
all at the same time.

A Strong Motivator Can Be Important

Katie's September wedding was a strong motivator. Even though her fiancé
Shawn was saying nothing about her physical appearance, Katie didn't want
to get married looking like this. As she put it "My face kind of looked
like one of those South Park kids." It wasn't so much that Katie looked bad
but it was how she felt about herself that really mattered. Deep down Katie
realized that food had control of her life and not the other way around. It
was time to do something; stopping her struggle with food while regaining
some sanity and self-respect

A Life Long Struggle

When Katie was younger she was troubled by an eating disorder. She was 20
pounds under weight at one point in her life. Her excess weight gain now
was just a rebound from all the years of restrictive eating habits and
anxiety surrounding food. Being out of college and in a less structured
environment gave her the time to indulge in food. The only problem was that
all the indulgence was starting to catch-up to her around the hips and

Katie's Insights

This story is unique because Katie has been able to change her thinking
about food
. Most people go through the motions of exercising more and
eating less through diets or some other approach. They never really
understand what their true motivation is to overeat. Katie came to realize
that her struggle with food was not new. She learned that there was both a
physical and emotional hunger for food. As a result, her food portions were
in the "way out of control" category. She could finish a meal and then find
herself heading to the refrigerator "for just a little snack" 30 minutes
later. Was it really possible to be hungry in such a short period of time
right after a meal?

Learning to Control the Hunger

Once Katie realized that there were two hunger centers working,
controlling food and losing weight was much easier. Her first hunger
center, controlled by the stomach was easy to understand. The second
was a little more difficult. Her brain was also getting into the act asking for
food in an attempt to help it feel better. Without other healthy habits to
reduce stress, food was the obvious but not the better choice. She also
realized that it was valuable to have a personal trainer and lifestyle
. Someone who keep her accountable while helping create a balanced
and structured exercise program; improve her poor eating habits and find
ways to help her reduce her stress levels. It would be a lot easier with
professional guidance.

The Highlights of Katie's Program

Here is the actual plan that Katie followed from March 2010 to September
2010 to achieve her 28 pound weight loss. Try this approach and make your
own success story.

Goal: 20 pound weight loss between March 1 and August 1.

1. Keep a detailed food and life journal for review weekly

2. Develop consistent daily eating times: 3 meals and 2 snacks

3. Drink at least 64 oz of water each day

4. Eliminate soda and alcohol in the short term

5. Research/develop menus and recipes

6. 3 hours of exercise per week (2 hours of weights)

7. Participate in hobbies 30 minutes a day

8. Practice stress reduction activities daily

9. Weigh in once a week

High stress living can cause calcium loss from bones and excess weight gain!

Follow our Be Bone Strong! system and you'll reduce increase the strenght of your
bones and improve your health at the same time. We provide the education, motivation
and accountability necessary to improve your health while helping you feel and
look your best. For a no cost consultation, please call Woody McMahon at
703-464-5171 or email to









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Our last conference call support group was a great success. Join us for our next
conference call style format support group so that you may participate from the comfort
of your own home. For more information and reservations please contact Woody McMahon at 703-464-5171 or email to



Healthy Lifestyle Consultations Now Available 

Do you have questions about how to live a healthy lifestyle? Do you need
accurate, cutting edge solutions to lifestyle and other health problems?
Sign-up for a healthy lifestyle consultation and get the answers you need
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You can also contact Woody McMahon directly at 703-464-5171 or email to


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