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The Sequoia Advisor
IN THIS ISSUE                                                          October 15, 2007 
  • The Hunger Within (Part 1 of 3)
  • More Fitness Benefits in Less Time
  • Ask The Experts
  • Weight Loss Study- Participants Needed



The Hunger Within (Part 1 of 3)

An Unnecessary Endless Struggle  

Over and over again, you have tried dieting and exercising only to lose and then gain back the same 20 pounds (maybe more). This scenario is the endless obsession for millions of people trying to get to and maintain a healthy weight. Unfortunately, the current approach to weight loss is full of myths and half truths. If you want to permanently lose the weight, here is the first important statement you'll need to remember:

Losing weight should not be a struggle!

Anything in life can be a struggle, including weight loss. A lack of success with your weight indicates that you are either:

1. Applying an incorrect approach to the problem or 2. Using the wrong tools for the job. Simply put, struggling with your weight means you are either approaching the problem from the wrong direction and/or applying tools that will never help resolve your overweight condition. The fact that you continue to regain lost weight is proof that these two statements are true. Losing and maintaining a healthy weight takes much more than just diet and exercise. It takes a full mental shift towards "healthy weightiness" and away from "fatness."


The Hunger Within 

Now we come to the second important statement you'll need to remember:
Obesity is not just a physical problem, it's an emotional and mental one as well. Current weight loss approaches appeal to your emotional side in the slick advertising designed to get you to sign-up. Next they only give you physical solutions to a complex physical and emotional problem. You are stuck with only partial solutions to your overweight dilemma.


Obesity is driven by the urge to overeat. This urge to overeat is stimulated by a group of mental and emotional signals called your Hunger Drive. The Hunger Drive is comprised of two groups of signals, one from your stomach and the other from your mind. In someone with healthy eating habits, the Hunger Drive is dominated by stomach signals. These signals are only sent when the body needs food for nourishment and shut off when you are full.


When you overeat, the stomach signals are over ridden by the mental and emotional signals of your Hunger Drive. These signals are a collection of learned habits, behaviors and mental thought processes about yourself and your weight. These unhealthy signals may also be the result of stress, anger, depression or boredom to name a few. Your body can be pushed to new eating levels even when you don't need food for nourishment. Overeating then drives the weight gain process and on it goes. If you don't have trouble with overeating or you can successfully lose weight and keep it off, you've learned how to retrain your Hunger Drive.


Getting Your Hunger Drive Under Control

Finally, the third important statement you'll want to remember: The Hunger Drive can be retrained. Traditional weight loss programs never address the Hunger Drive. In dieting, you focus on calorie counting and special foods. Your Hunger Drive is the same after a diet as before. When you get bored or it takes too long with the latest fad diet, back you go to your default eating habits. Additionally, even the best diets (eating plans) are full or restrictions, bad foods and deprivation. It's no wonder the weight you lose comes racing back once all the eating restrictions are eliminated.

Now you can see the futility of typical diets and why you have failed to successfully keep the weight off in the past.


Next time Part 2: How to Retrain Your Hunger Drive

Fresh Start is a complete healthy lifestyle program that helps you Get Active, Eat
Healthier and Reduce Stress safely reaching a healthy weight. Fresh Start benefits
also include lower cholesterol, increased bone density, improved muscle strength, increased metabolism and healthy weight loss. Make the most of your activity time while balancing your lifestyle and maintaining good health at any age.
For more information c
ontact Woody McMahon at 703-464-5171 or email to


More fitnes Benefits in Less Time

The Traditional Approach 

Most traditional fitness programs are repetitive, time inefficient, lack the adequate balance and flexibility training to prevent injury. Also, many do not provide gains in usable strength to improve your golf or tennis game, run around with the kids or bring in the groceries. These traditional programs were designed by body builders to do one thing and one thing only, build muscular size for competitions. They were not designed for improving your health or help you become more functional. Unless you have aspirations of becoming a body builder, it's better not to train like one. Juan Carlos Santana, a respected expert in the fitness field says, "Because we all move our bodies in space when we work and play, everyone is an athlete and they should train like one." Sound words of wisdom.


Efficient and Effective 

The point of functional fitness is to improve our health and fitness making real life events like walking up three flights of stairs, running around the basketball court or hiking in the mountains easier and a whole lot more enjoyable. Unlike an athlete who can train all day, you need to go to work and make a living or stay at home taking care of children and family. You also don't have coaches and trainers standing at your side like Tiger Woods so you need a program that is going to be safe, effective and easy to follow. The more efficient and effective you can make your workouts, the better chance you have of sticking with it and keeping them a lasting commitment.


Train Like the Pros 

The approach to fitness that meets all the above criteria is called functional training (FT). FT is a complete workout appropriate for the amateur up to the elite athlete.
FT provides variety, improves your balance and flexibility and because you have to learn how to move your body is mentally stimulating. FT also provides useable strength and coordination that is as valuable on the court as with the kids. FT provides excellent weight bearing activities that offer a great way to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. By its very nature, FT is a much more cardiovascular workout than a body builder style approach. When you integrate more cardiovascular activity with your weight training, you'll reduce the time spent on the treadmill or other cardio equipment increasing the efficiency of your workout.    


To make your work-out more functional, try adding or substituting some of these basic exercise:

  1. Walking Lunge: This is a great lower body strengthener and balance trainer. You can add a twist as you walk or hold a medicine ball to increase core strength.
  2. Russian Twist: This is a good core strengthener and a perfect substitute (because it's more beneficial) for sit-ups. You can add a medicine ball for more challenge.
  3. Superman: These total body strengtheners are great for core, upper body and cross body coordination. Beginners can use a fitness ball with more advanced going freestyle.
  4. Single Leg Balance: Balance is learned and needs to be practiced. You can practice SLB doing the dishes or brushing your teeth. In the gym try using a medicine ball to touch your toes on one leg.

Ask The Experts

We are offering a new service called Ask The Experts. If you have a question about health,

fitness, diet, supplements or any medications you may be taking, send us an email to with your questions. Our team of health and fitness experts will
send an answer directly to you via email. We may even use your question

(with permission of course) for our next newsletter. We hope you enjoy this new service. 

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Study 

We are looking for 12 participants who have tried with no success to reach a healthy weight.
Participants in the study must be at least 21 years of age, at least 30 pounds over weight,
willing to accurately chart their progress and be open minded to trying a completely new
approach to weight loss. To see if you qualify, please email Woody McMahon at with your complete diet history, the reasons you would like
to try a different way and why you think you over eat.

Continued Good Health,


Woody McMahon

The Sequoia Advisor

Sequoia Health and Fitness, Inc.
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