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IN THIS ISSUE                                                                                      October 17, 2006

  • Avoid Getting Caught in the Healthcare Crisis

  • True Healing... Take Back Responsibility
    for Your Health

  • Thank You... Saturday's Osteoporosis
    Fun and Fitness Fair Fundraiser

  • The Recipe Corner ... More Tasty Recipes


Avoid Getting Caught in the Healthcare Crisis

A recent article in Newsweek by Claudia Kalb entitled Fixing America's Hospitals makes a chilling statement about the state of hospitals in this country. "The most urgent hurdle of all: improving patient safety. In 1999, the Institute of Medicine declared that close to 100,000 Americans die annually from medical errors. This year, more dire news: medication errors harm at least 1.5 million people and cost some $3.5 billion per year. What goes wrong? Missed diagnoses, incorrect drug dosing, failure to treat promptly."

This is not only a chilling assessment of hospitals but of the current state of healthcare in America. We currently have a crisis more important than terrorism or global warming. Healthcare in America is in crisis with doctor shortages, over-worked medical staff and spiraling medical costs. If you weren't a little worried after reading the Newsweek article, you really should be. Most experts now recommend adopting an illness prevention strategy so when disaster strikes you don't just have to hope for the best, you'll be prepared. Does that mean you don't go to the hospital if you need to? Of course not. All the experts say, if you change your lifestyle habits now, you'll avoid chronic illness and hospital stays in the future.

You keep hearing me urge adopting healthy lifestyle habits because they work. They work better than any other health strategy available in the medical arsenal. Read any of the research on chronic illness that health and medical experts are reporting. Unanimously, they recommend that people make more time for healthy eating, physical activity and reducing stress. Is anybody listening? Unfortunately, only a very few. Most people cite time as their limiting factor when it comes to adding walking, meditation and fruits and vegetables to their lifestyle. But time spent on prevention is time well spent. For those of you who can see the future and are ready to move forward with your prevention plans, here are three keys to keep in mind.

The first key... make time for healthy habits now and avoid spending time in the hospital in the future. It's called the old "ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" philosophy. The second key... it's essential to improve in all three lifestyle areas; stress reduction, increased activity and healthier eating habits. Just one or two of the three is not enough to provide the desired prevention benefits or ensure good health.
Key number three... by making your activities fun and social, they become sustainable. Rememeber, you are embarking on a lifetime project, so think in terms of years and not months or weeks.

Again I say, this is really important stuff. It may not as sexy as Gray's anatomy, fancy scanners or high tech gadgets, but this is cutting edge medicine. The fancy scanners and new wonder drugs will never be as effective as the changes you make in good old healthy lifestyle habits. Adopting healthy lifestyle habits is the stuff that will keep you illness free and allow you to enjoy the rest of your life.

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Fresh Start is a complete, healthy lifestyle solution that will help you prepare for the coming healthcare crisis. Incorporating FUN physical activity, stress reduction and healthy eating in just the right proportions, Fresh Start reduces pain, strengthens bones, controls weight, reduces stress and improves your golf or tennis game. Fresh Start gives you all the tools necessary for increasing strength, vitality and good health.

Contact Woody McMahon at 703-628-2880 or email to learn more about giving yourself a
Fresh Start or to schedule your free in-person or telephone consultation.

True Healing... Take Back Responsibility for Your Health

Everyday we use a "band-aid" approach to fix health problems based on our current healthcare philosophy. In other words, we find it acceptable to rely on short term fixes for long-term problems. The outcome of this approach has been an increasing number of people struggling with heart disease, obesity, cancer, high blood pressure and high cholesterol
when instead they should be enjoying their lives. At its core, true healing champions taking responsibility for your health. It's your body; it's your health, demand the best. Emphasizing prevention, true healing works to strengthen your body and mind through the use of healthier lifestyle habits. Better lifestyle habits keep chronic illness at bay while allowing you to feel and look your best. True healing avoids the pitfalls of current short-term strategies by bringing excellent long-term results and overall improvement in quality of life.

In a condensed form, here are three important steps to solving long-term health problems incorporating a true healing philosophy.

Step 1 Get All the Facts


Finding out everything you can about your problem is the first step to solving it. Either on your own or with the help of your healthcare team, get as much information as you can. Different professionals will have different opinions and suggestions. Write them all down and start to create a list of possible options. Problems never have just one way of being solved. Lean towards what "feels right." Use your instincts on this one. Again, you are in the driver's seat.

Step 2 Create the Plan


Once you have all your information, start laying out your healing plan. Remember, you are not looking for a quick fix this time but a long-term resolution to your problem. Feeling better may take weeks, months or even longer. True healing takes time but provides lasting results. You are trying to help your body fix the problem so don't be concerned about the time frame. Your healing plan wants to include both healing activities and your timeline. Make sure to include a review date so you can measure progress.

Step 3 Make Time for Yourself


You'll need to make time for your various healing activities. Saying you don't have time won't do. You may need to have a little soul searching session with yourself. Decide if you are worth doing it the right way this time. Hopefully the answer is "yes." You're going to need support so call on your spouse, friends and family and your healthcare team. Right now you need supporters not saboteurs to accomplish your plan and reach your goal.

To learn more how Fresh Start incorporates true healing into a total healthy lifestyle program, please contact Woody McMahon at 703-628-2880 or email .

Thank You... Saturday's Osteoporosis
Fun and Fitness Fair Fundraiser

Thank you... Thank you... Thank you... On Saturday, we completed our first annual Fun and Fitness Fundraiser to raise money for osteoporosis prevention and education. We had a beautiful day and a great time thanks to all the volunteers and special prizes donated by local merchants.
If you couldn't attend this year, mark your calendar for next year. Here is what you missed!!! A special thank you goes out to the following people:

Waldo the Whack-it Clown (name withheld for anonymity) made a special appearance and beat the pants off all challengers. Way to go Waldo!

Michele Powers of NutrientChef prepared some delicious food high in calcium and flavor P.S. Michele got her first taste, so to speak, of Whack-it and is now an honorary member of the Sequoia Whack-it Club.

Gregg and Stephan of First Serve Tennis Academy discovered some budding young tennis hopefuls and showed us how to "smack the fuzz" P.S. Hey guys, don't duck our next Whack-it Round Robin... you don't want to disappoint Waldo!

Dr. David of Jowdy Wellness Center checked for scoliosis and hormone balance on all our attendees
P.S. David says he doesn't like Whack-it but I think he needs to field a JWC team for our next event. Besides David, you can afford the $10 donation!

CJ Peters for her expert advice and behind the scenes support consulting on how to run a fundraiser. Thanks CJ!

Sigrid Jackman for an expert prize and donation collection effort. You did an excellent job Sigrid, Thank you. P.S. Waldo is looking for you as well!

Nancy McMahon, my lovely wife, for working the crowd and keeping things running smoothly while I taught Waldo a lesson or two on Whack-it!

In the next few days, I'll put the great prizes we had remaining from Saturday up for Silent Auction. If you are interested, please go to to view and bid on the prize list or contact Woody McMahon at 703-628-2880 or email to learn more about bidding and donations.

Another tasty recipe from the healthy cooking archives. 

Continued Good Health,


Woody McMahon

The Sequoia Advisor

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