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The Sequoia Advisor
IN THIS ISSUE                                                          November 1, 2007 
  • Train to Hit Like The Pros
  • Three Practical Steps to Reducing Stress
  • Do You Need a Health and Fitness Coach?
  • Weight Loss Study- Participants Needed



Train to Hit Like The Pros

The Modern Golfer
Gone are the days of just dusting off your clubs and heading out to play a
round of golf. Don't let the slow pace of golf fool you. This is a sport
with physical demands on the player just like basketball or football.
Even though golf doesn't present much of a cardiovascular challenge it
does require balance, strength, stamina and flexibility. The only way
to effectively swing like a pro is to train like one as well. Competition is
fierce and the really top golfers spend as much time in the gym as they do
on the course. Exceptional golfers are also good athletes. They take the
time to prepare their bodies for golf's athletic challenge so they can
perform at the top of their game.

Balance Strength and Flexibility
Lessons on technique with your golf pro can only take you so far when it
comes to improving your game. If your body is not balanced, strong and
flexible, you'll never be able to generate the necessary swing speed
to hit the long ball. If your body is not balanced, strong and flexible it will
not handle the physical forces generated in the swing. The results: back
pain and injury, muscle pulls, shoulder and hip problems that means less
time on the course and more in the chiropractors office.

Anatomy of the Golf Swing
The golf swing is a multi-planar (many direction) motion that requires
muscles and bones to work together. The backswing requires good balance
and flexibility in the trunk to allow for full rotation of the hips and back.
Next the downswing demands balance, hip rotation and forward weight
shift. Finally, the follow through, where acceleration must be brought to a
stop after the completion of the hip and back turn, requires balance, body
control and flexibility to complete the swing.

Through the last two phases there is a need for a controlled acceleration
of the club to maximize club head speed. Muscles have to work at the proper
time and bones of the spine must be freely movable to prevent injury. If
everything isn't working together, bad things can happen to your body. Just
look at the very high percentage of professional golfers have either had
back or hip surgery or both.
Golf can be tough on your body.

Train, Think and Breathe Like a Pro
As the current golf season comes to a close and the weather turns a little
less favorable, now is the perfect time to start thinking about spring of
'08. The gym is the place to begin. Start a golf training program today
and by next year, you'll be hitting them farther and straighter while keeping
your lower back and hips healthy. Here is how to start:

1. In your strength training, incorporate rotational moves on a pulley
High-low pulls, standing twists and low-high pulls are excellent
exercises for developing trunk strength and body balance

2. Balance is now considered more important than strength in generating
club head speed. Use balance aids such as the Toggle Board, BOSU Ball, Foam
½ Rounds and Wobble board to stimulate your balance mechanism. For more
advanced work, considered dry golf swings on the BOSU ball.

3. Work with dumbbells instead of weight machines. They give your body a
more athletic workout stimulating Core muscles as well as the primary
movers. Dumbbells are more demanding on your balance mechanisms, especially
if you only use one. Try standing, single arm overhead press, single arm
squat and press combo and cross pick-ups standing on one leg.

Try these exercises along with a good post workout stretching program and
you'll have the beginning of an excellent off season golf training program.
See you on the links.

Fresh Start is a complete healthy lifestyle program that helps you Get Active, Eat
Healthier and Reduce Stress
while safely reaching a healthy weight. Fresh Start 
benefits include lower cholesterol, increased bone density, improved muscle strength, increased metabolism and healthy weight loss. Make the most of your activity time while balancing your lifestyle and maintaining good health at any age.
For more information c
ontact Woody McMahon at 703-464-5171 or email to


Three Practical Steps to Reducing Stress

High Stress Lifestyles
According to a recent survey, a high stress lifestyle is the number one
most people would like to change about their lives. There is no
denying it, you live in a fast-paced society, running from here to there
and everywhere in between. Prolonged "rat racing" causes cortisol, a stress
hormone, to build-up in the blood preventing your immune, cardiovascular
and digestive systems from working properly. High cortisol levels in the
body can cause trouble losing or maintaining a healthy weight; tiredness
and a lack of energy; high blood pressure; difficulty sleeping and
depression. Over time, stress destroys your body's ability to function
properly. If left unchecked, stress can actually shorten your life. So what
do you do if you feel rushed and anxious all the time? What is the best way
to reduce stress and get more enjoyment out of life? How do you stay active
but too active?

Here are three practical steps that can greatly reduce your stress levels
and help you live a longer and healthier life.

Step 1:   Lifestyle Simplification
Most people you see running around in a tizzy have over scheduled their
lives. Approaching life like there is no tomorrow leaves little time for
enjoyment. You want to live life to the fullest but truly doing that also
means enjoying life to the fullest. Being over scheduled means you'll just
be going through the motions turning stressful events into stressful days.
Try writing down your schedule and see if it looks reasonable. Is there
time for a healthy breakfast? What about a lunch where you actually sit
down and eat; not in front of your desk or doing something else at the same
time? Have you left time for some fun physical activity; a nice walk with a
friend or maybe a stop at your favorite health club? Have someone else look
at your schedule and if they say, "Wow, that looks kind of busy" then you
need to go back and remove something from that day to slow it down.
Remember, the emphasis is on enjoyment.

Step 2:   Daily Meditation
If your mind is running at 100 miles a minute then your body, even when
you are sitting still, will be trying to keep up. When constantly bombarded
with the 100 mile a minute messages, your body responds with increased
cortisol production. True physical relaxation comes when the mind slows
down and lets your body relax. Daily meditation is a great way to quiet
your mind, relax your body and reduce cortisol levels improving how you
look and feel. In just 5 minutes a day, you can start a good meditation
habit. Here is how.

Find a quiet spot, sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the
floor. Close your eyes and allow your mind to get calm and slow down. If
just closing your eyes doesn't work, you can concentrate on a candle flame
or your breath as a way to center your attention. A great little book to
help you is called Meditation, A Beginner's Guide by Charlotte Parnell.

Step 3:   Daily Fun Physical Activity
When it comes to activity, the old saying "different stokes for different
folks" comes to mind. Don't be tricked by the myths. There is no one right
activity. Forget the "more reps for toning" or "the fat burning zone." The
key here is to just get more activity. You can dance, ride a bike, chase
your dog or kid, lift some weights at the health club or swim a few laps.
The bottom line; find something that is fun; something you like to do,
something you will keep doing. It's not important if you're any good at it.
In other words, don't let perfectionism or what other people might think
stand in the way of having some fun with your friends. Adopt and practice
these stress reduction tools and your life will be less stressful and a whole
lot more fun.

Health and Fitness Coaching 

Do you ever feel the need for a little extra help organizing your health and fitness

activities? Maybe you want to take your current fitness program to a higher level?

One of the best ways to "take it up a notch" is to have a fitness coach. We are

offering a new service called FitCoach. A fitness coaching session can help you with

goal setting for 2008 or make your current fitness program more effective.

For more information or to schedule your first appointment, call Woody McMahon

at 703-464-5171 or email


Non-Surgical Weight Loss Study 

We are looking for 12 participants who have tried with no success to reach a healthy weight.
Participants in the study must be at least 21 years of age, at least 30 pounds over weight,
willing to accurately chart their progress and be open minded to trying a completely new
approach to weight loss. To see if you qualify, please email Woody McMahon at with your complete diet history, the reasons you would like
to try a different way and why you think you over eat.

Continued Good Health,


Woody McMahon

The Sequoia Advisor

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