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IN THIS ISSUE                                March 15, 2007
  • Partners in Health... Attitude and Activity
  • Don't Forget to Eat Your Eggs
  • Team Sequoia MS Walk for 2007 
  • New Healthy Products Page


Partners in Health... Attitude and Activity

Consider how important your attitude and activity levels are over just about any other lifestyle factor. You already know how important fun physical activity is to better health. What about your attitude to those new healthy behaviors? Science and medicine continue to ponder why certain people maintain better health as they grow older. Genes were once thought to play a major role in this process, but it has become clearer that attitude plays a more important role in longevity. Fun physical activity is one way to help improve your attitude. 

First, studies of long lived and healthy people show a strong desire to live. These people are able to derive a high level of enjoyment from their lives; something shorter lived people seem unable to master. Your attitude is all important to anything and everything you do. The happier you are, the healthier you will be. Often I hear clients using age as an excuse for poor health. They might say "I am too old to do this or that" which we now know is factually inaccurate. 

Take Mary Vintilla, an 85 year old Chicago tennis player. She is great example showing age has little to do with good health and happiness. Chicago Times correspondent Mary Wilds reported on Mary about her tennis game, "I love it," said Vintilla. "It's very, very interesting. You have to outsmart your opponents." Mary's enthusiasm about tennis and her life bubbles out of her. She loves the competition and social interaction that tennis brings to her life. Mary is enjoying herself and expresses the attitude shared by a majority of long lived people. The simple fact seems to be this; if you are not having fun, your chances of a long life are small
To read more about Mary Vintilla, go to:

Let's look at an example of why a healthy attitude makes such an important difference in a long and healthy lifetime. So, you decide to embark on a healthy eating plan. You start eating your broccoli and find yourself thinking; "I'd rather be eating a hot dog instead." Right from the beginning, you're attitude is severely affecting the sustainability of your healthy eating program. Deciding to eat more vegetables to improve your health is a great idea. If every time you dread the thought of broccoli, how will you consistently keep the good food going in?

Another example... You've committed to becoming more physically active. You say to yourself, I am going to the gym even if it kills me. I know I need to do this for my health. Here again, your attitude is going to sabotage your good intentions. Being in conflict every time you go workout, makes it difficult for you to maintain over the long term. 

Here is the trick. Get inside Mary Vintilla's head and see what is going on. For Mary, playing tennis has little to do with being healthy or living a long time. She is having fun with tennis. She is getting together with her friends. Better health is a byproduct of having a good time. That is what you will need to do. Look at yourself and your health and say, "How can I make this fun? How can I improve my attitude so instead of it being something I have to do, it's something I want to do?" 

Try walking, ping pong, tennis, dance classes, weight training or shooting some baskets, whatever you might find fun. Being more physically active improves blood flow to your brain and body. Your increased fun and activity levels will elevate your mood. As I said at the beginning, attitude and activity are your Partners in Good Health. 

To learn more about developing a healthy attitude, the Fresh Start way, go to Schedule your no-cost Healthy LifePlan consultation by calling 703-464-5171 or email


Don't Forget to Eat Your Eggs

The title of this article, Don't Forget to Eat Your Eggs, probably caught you off guard. Starting in the 1970's, eggs developed a bad reputation because of their high cholesterol content. At that time, cholesterol was seen as the major contributor to heart disease. It was believed that limiting cholesterol intake would have a significant lowering affect on total cholesterol levels.
Many foods that contained cholesterol like butter, milk, eggs and liver, were put on the "do not eat list" in an attempt to reduce the incidence of heart disease. Twenty years later, heart disease is still on the rise and research has shown that for a majority of people, dietary cholesterol has little affect on total blood cholesterol levels or heart disease in general.

Why Eggs Are So Good For Us? 
Eggs have been described as "nature's perfect food." Large eggs are about 70 calories each containing 6.2 grams of complete protein, 4.5 grams of fat (1.5 of which is saturated fat). Eggs also contain varying amounts of 13 vitamins plus many minerals. Eggs are one of the few foods that contain vitamin D making them essential in our diet. They are also low in sodium. Eggs are included in the meat and meat alternates group because they provide a high quality, complete protein. One egg is equal to one ounce of lean meat, fish or poultry. Eggs are also versatile being used as a meal or to make many other foods like salads, puddings and breads. 

The Egg/Cholesterol Connection
Cholesterol is a complex fatty substance found in every living cell. We cannot live without it.There is a difference between dietary cholesterol (the cholesterol you consume in foods) and blood cholesterol (the cholesterol in your bloodstream, also called serum cholesterol). Dietary cholesterol does not automatically become blood cholesterol when you eat it. Most of your blood cholesterol is made by your body. The typical egg has about 200 milligrams of cholesterol. In comparison, the body of a typical 150 pound person makes about 1000 mg of cholesterol daily.

The Research
Many studies have shown that one or two eggs eaten every day have little effect on your blood cholesterol levels. One of the reasons for this is Lethicin, a fat emulsifier found in eggs. Lethicin breaks-up the cholesterol and fat molecules and allows them to be more easily digested. Most research shows that food cholesterol does not significantly boost blood cholesterol levels in most people.

Let's look at excerpts from some of the studies:  

  • Thirteen patients at the Highland Hospital in Oakland , California were fed the equivalent of 15 eggs per day for a 3 week period. The serum cholesterol did not increase significantly in any case except two bedridden, obese patients. 4 of the 7 ambulatory patients in the study actually showed a slight decrease in serum cholesterol.  
  • In the Ireland-Boston Heart Study the researchers followed 600 Irishmen between the ages of 30 and 60 who had lived in Boston for 10 or more years and their brothers who had never left the old country. The Irish brothers ate about twice as many eggs as their American brothers--averaging over 14 per week. Yet, the Irish brothers had lower levels of cholesterol in their bloodstream, and their hearts were rated from 2 to 6 times healthier. The same Harvard doctor examined both groups. More physical exercise was given as a possible reason for this difference.  
  • Dr. Robert Itchiness, a cardiologist in New York City specializing in metabolic disorders, has treated over 8,000 patients. He lowered the serum cholesterol markedly in 63 percent of his patients with a diet high in meat, milk, and eggs. Dr. Itchiness believes that 95 percent of all heart trouble is associated with high serum triglycerides and attributes this to the staggering increase in sugar consumption--up from 7 pounds per person in 1840 to over 100 pounds today.  
For more go to

Fresh Start is a great way to live a healthier lifestyle. To learn more contact Woody McMahon at 703-464-5171 or email to


Team Sequoia MS Walk April 2007

It's that time again. Time to start preparing for the 2007 MS Reston Walk!!! The MS Reston walk is scheduled for Sunday, April 15th starting and finishing at Reston Town Center. Team Sequoia had almost 30 people walk and we raised over $5500 last year for MS education and research. This year we want to try and double both our number of walkers and set a fundraising goal of $10,000.

The MS walk is a great goal to set for yourself for 2007. This is the time of year everyone is making commitments to get more active. Here is your chance to do something good for yourself and MS.

We are looking for a sponsor for our pre-walk breakfast so let me know if you are interested or have any good ideas for places to eat. Starting in January we will have some "FUN Walks" to get our little feet in shape and initiate our fundraising drive. We'll also have another Whack-it tournament in February to raise money as well.

Go to to register and learn more about the event.  If you have any questions or would like to help volunteer please email me at or call 703-628-2880.

I look forward to seeing you walk again this year. Woody

New Healthy Products Page

Check out our new Healthy Products page. I have tested and use each of these products
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