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Why Play

Whack-it is the perfect better heath solution strengthening your heart, lungs and bones while you have a great time.

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Let's Play Whack-It!

Here is a Great Way to Improve Your Balance, Cardio and Strength and Have Fun Too!

It's a Game called Whack-it!TM 

The History of Whack-it!TM
After playing and teaching tennis and racquetball for years, I realized that many people reach a point in their lives that they either do not or cannot play games like tennis, Pickleball, volleyball or racquetball. All these games provide superior strengthening to the heart, lungs, balance systems and brain than treadmills, stationary bicycles and elliptical trainers. I needed to invent a game that was softer, gentler on the body and more social but still provided all of the health and fitness benefits. The game I invented is called

What is Whack-it!TM?
Whack-it!TM is a four season game that is the best of many different games. The game is played on a racquetball court with a volleyball net so there is less court to cover. We use Pickleball paddles and a 4" soft "squishy" Rhinoskin ball travels slowly and never hurts if it hits you. Two or four (more fun) people play in games of seven points. The best two out of three games wins.     

The Rules are Simple:

  • Two to four people on a side can play (doubles is the most fun) 
  • Serves are underhand and you get two tries, one ball bounce and win a point on your serve
  • All the walls and ceiling are "in bounds" so the ball stays in play longer
  • The first person (team) to seven wins the game (must win by two) 

What Makes Whack-it!TM a Better Workout
Strengthening your heart and lungs is important but scientific studies have shown that treadmills, stationary bikes and ellipticals don't provide all the health and fitness benefits you can get from movement based games. Games have the added benefit of stimulating your brain health which is good especially as you age.

Whack-it!TM is fun. It is also a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, brain health, balance and coordination that is also social and fun. Whack-it is unique because it is a soft competition sport played with co-ed teams of two to four.

Because the ball travels so slowly, rallies of 20 to 30 hits are common. The running and quick footwork involved in Whack-it!TM provides great health benefits including increased bone density, stamina, and balance. Because your calorie burn is high, it's a great way to control excess weight. One hour of Whack-it!TM burns 408 calories per hour for a 150 pound person.

It's a fun game and a great way to improve bone density, cardiovascular strength, foot work, concentration, eye hand coordination, balance and lose weight. Whack-it can be played with one to four players on a team.         

The Benefits of Whack-it!TM :

  • Easy to learn and fun to play quickly instills self-confidence and promotes social interaction between players
  • No personal equipment, skills or talent needed to participate. Players of every size, weight, athletic ability and gender can play proficiently in a very short amount of time
  • All players on the court get lots of opportunities to contribute and be part of the team because the walls keep the ball up and in play much longer
  • Less chance of getting bored because rallies last longer and players are involved in every possession so there is little standing around and not participating
  • You don't have to chase the ball! So in one hour there is more physical active time and players touch the ball more than in most indoor and outdoor activities (volleyball, softball, soccer, etc.)
  • A fun alternative to boring cardiovascular exercise machines. It allows you to get your weekly cardiovascular exercise while socializing with friends or family. Form your own family team and challenge your neighbors!!!

Whack-it!TM provides excellent health benefits improving heart and lung function, increased bone density as well as improvements in balance, muscular strength and body control. The added bonus... Whack-it!TM combines exercise and social time without you ever knowing you're doing real work. Come check it out.


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