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As far as feedback on the Posture Perfect!TM class goes, it has not only met my expectations, but exceeded them! There are several reasons I enjoy the class... 

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  • Owner's Notes
  • Let Your Thoughts Help Heal Your Body
  • Move It or Lose It
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   Owner's Notes   

Less than 6 weeks away...

That's how fast the holidays are creeping up on us!  Before
you know it, we'll be enjoying Thanksgiving and the Holiday

The change in seasons is also the perfect opportunity to try
something new  and different
.  You'll be amazed at how
re-energizing and invigorating a few changes to your normal
exercise and fitness regime can be.


So before you indulge on all that the holidays have to offer,
come on in and change things up.  You'll look and feel better
and be the envy of friends and family in the weeks ahead!

We look forward to seeing you around the club.


Yours in Health and Fitness,

John and Tim

  Let Your Thoughts Help Heal Your Body  

Thought Patterns Are Learned
The thoughts that circulate in your head have a profound affect on your
health and well being. Scientists have evaluated test subjects to determine
if thought patterns have any affect on our general health and well being.
The results of their research show people with the most positive thought
have the best health and longevity. People who take life in stride
and have confidence that they can change their lives for the better live
longer. But just how do these more positive people get that way?

The Chicken or the Egg
When first presented with the idea that thoughts affect your health, you
probably said, "well of course my thoughts would be better if I felt
But scientists have determined that it's the thoughts that
actually change the chemistry of your brain and body. Thoughts are learned
habits. If you change a thought pattern from negative to positive,
measurable changes occur in the amount of serotonin in the brain and levels
of cortisol in the body. The more serotonin, the better you feel. The less
cortisol, the healthier your body stays. So to feel better, you literally
retrain your mind to view the world differently producing a healthier, more
positive thought pattern.

3 Steps to More Positive Thought Patterns

1) Adopt a Hopeful Outlook
Without hope or a determination that your future can be better than your
present, positive thoughts are next to impossible. You may find yourself
caught-up in thinking about all the problems in your life or all the things
that have happened to make your life so challenged. These thoughts do not
solve the problems nor are they beneficial to your physical health.
Problems are solved by thinking about solutions, getting expert advice when
needed and deciding to move forward and change your circumstances. Read
the stories of people who have gone from nothing to something; overcome
adversity when all hope was lost; how did these people do it?

2) What You Read and Watch is Important
Even though few people realize this, what you read or watch on television
has a significant impact on your mental health which in turn affects your
physical well being. One of the best ways to improve thought patterns is to
read empowering books and watch movies or television that makes you laugh
and is uplifting. The mind is especially impressionable right before bed.
Take some time to read a book that can inspire you to solve your problems.
Read a few pages and then sit or lie quietly thinking what you read and how
it applies to the problem you are trying to solve.

3) Believe in Yourself and a Better Day
No matter what you call it, self-empowerment, positive self-esteem or
personal power; feeling good about yourself is important to a healthy mind
and body. Thoughts like "what a bad person I am or I'm just not as good as
my friends"
need to be critically analyzed and removed from your thinking
process immediately. To build personal power, first start by learning to
and treat yourself kindly. Once you can respect yourself, changing
what you do and say to others and treating them with respect will be easy.
Personal kindness helps you grow as a person. It is never enough to just
treat others better. Trying to be kindly to others and neglecting yourself
is a form of self-abuse. When you begin to start believing in your own
good, treating yourself with genuine care and kindness will be easy.

   Move It or Lose It  

Ability to Move Important

The Reuters Health news agency recently reported on a study that included
424 adults in their 70s and 80s. The adults had trouble walking without
assistance and were considered at risk of disability. The study showed that
"older adults who find it difficult to walk without assistance may see
their overall quality of life suffer. Researchers found that older men and
women with impaired mobility -- including slowed movement and problems with
balance and strength -- had a poorer health-related quality of life than a
comparison group of adults the same age without these problems."

Mobility More Important Than Health

Dr. Erik J. Groessl of the VA San Diego Healthcare system, found that
compared to a group of healthy older adults from a previous study, his
study participants reported a lowered quality of life. Dr. Groessl went on
to say, "It's not surprising that mobility problems would have such an
effect. But what's interesting, he told Reuters Health, is that mobility
was a more significant determinant of quality of life than co-existing
medical conditions."
Keeping that in mind, let's look at what you can do
to keep your mobility and independence.

Maintaining Independence

Independence is important in maintaining a high quality of life. Think
about the last time your car broke down and what a mess it was trying to
find a ride to the repair shop. One of the basic fears of getting older is
losing the ability to do the simple things in life. Getting older doesn't
have to be the scary scenario you may envision. Maintaining an active
is the best way to preserve a high quality of life and your
personal independence. The sooner you start a well balanced activity
, the less difficulty you'll have when you get older with driving,
walking, bending over, tying your shoes and getting out of a chair.
Starting activity early conditions your body and sends it healthy signals
over a lifetime. If you already notice a loss of mobility, getting into the
right activity now can help rehabilitate your body over time.

Think of Your Health as an Investment

Aging gracefully, as it is sometimes called, requires that you make an
investment in your health
today. Consider your health as an asset or
investment. Ask yourself what would you do if your health was money? Would
you squander it, put it in your mattress or let it grow? What is your
health investment strategy going to be?
Like money in the bank that gains
interest, a well balanced activity program pays health dividends as you get

Getting more active, eating a healthier diet and reducing stress is a good
investment in your health. You'll maintain your mobility and independence
as you age by improving your balance, strength, coordination and stamina.
It's not that your body can't improve if you are older and start later, it
can. It just takes longer. Remember, your investments grow but they take
time; the same for your body. Your mobility and health will improve, but it
takes time. Just like with investing, the sooner you start your health
investing strategy, the faster your health improves and the sooner you get
to reap the rewards.

How to Keep Your Body Moving

Activity is fun! If that hasn't been your experience then either you don't
make it a social time to laugh and gab with your friends or you haven't
found an activity that is right for you. The best strategy is to try sports
or activities that you really find fun. Use your workouts at the health
club to improve your base level of conditioning. If you are stronger, more
balanced, have better stamina and are more flexible, you'll enjoy your
activity more.


Remember the slogan - Invest Today for a Healthier Tomorrow!

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